Super Mario Sleds

I’m not sure if it’s because I was raised in the 90s but every once and a while when I am flying down the trail with a group of my friends I am instantly transported back to my days staring at the TV playing Mario Cart.

A group of drivers all making tracks down the trail - you can practically hear that electric sound of rolling over a turbo plate or hitting coins in your head.Think about it - like that one one time your buddy smoked an ice boulder that seemingly came out of nowhere; both him and the sled rag dolled down the trail. Boom! Red shell.

Or when you’re avoiding following your bestie without the snowflap because you’re just waiting to get taken out by an early season rock? That’s just a banana peel loaded.

But, it’s not just the sea of obstacles in the race to cross the finish line - erm… get to the top of the mountain… It’s the people in the group that take the game to the next level.

Read on to find out which character you are in Super Mario Sleds.


The game was named after you and you know it. You’re used to being the centre of attention in your group - and not to brag but most people recognize your @ecdcustoms wrapped sled in the parking lot. Your riding style is all out and occasionally reckless but you don’t do it for the praise - you were just born for this. You want everyone to “take turns” climbing the chute but most people just sit back and watch you play.


Ah, the dependable sidekick. Every Mario needs their Luigi. Luigi shreds ALMOST as good as the super star but for whatever reason hasn’t claimed the same level of notoriety. Slightly more cautious and timid Luigi possesses nearly identical skills but lacks that extra umph to be in the spotlight.


Shout out to the sneaky little dude wearing the oversized helmet in the group! Nobody really pays attention to what you’re doing and so they are often surprised to find you waiting at the top of a technical climb. Your weight isn’t a setback in the deep so you practically float on the snow and you’re narrow enough to slink through some deadly tree lines; but chances are if you smoke a tree branch it’s taking you out.


Out of the corner of your eye you catch a flash of pink. Next thing you know you’re eating the (snow) dust of a just-puked-up-rainbows-sled. Always so damn sweet Peaches will have the manners to wave their hands while they blow by you to say hello and will always lock up their brakes to see if people needing help on the trail. *Even though Peach was a total badass for always hanging out with the boys I am not lumping all you ladies in this group.


YOU’RE SO FREAKING EXCITED to be out sledding that you just make a bunch of unintelligible noises under your helmet “ha!” “whoaa!” “ah!” and you sometimes get so stoked that you scream your own name over and over “Yoshi!” Your energy is always full out and you’ve never not having fun. Nobody understands a word you’re saying but they don’t need to - the smile says it all.

Donkey Kong

All those presses at the gym, bruh, make the ratio of shoulders to snowmobile nearly laughable. Klim gear suit size - “uhhh do they make 3XL, cause I am gonna need it for my gains”. You can practically hear Donkey Kong’s sled screaming for reprieve on the deepest days and when they get stuck? Everyone is busting out a shovel. But man oh man, do you ever want a DK when you yourself are in a hole. They come along and singlehandedly lift you out.

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