An Open Letter to Revelstoke Snow Gods

Dear Snow Gods of Revelstoke,

First and foremost let me extend my deepest gratitude to your past years of service; your devotion to converting our sleepy little mountain town into a real life snow globe since inception in 1880 is nothing short of miraculous. You’ve singlehandedly ensured that most years we’ve had to wear snowsuits under our Halloween costumes, almost always have given us the whitest of Christmases and allowed Revelstoke locals everywhere to scoff at the term “snow day” (ha! Two inches of snow and you’re shutting down what?!).

I cannot imagine how much work it must be to consistently gift us with the all that fluffy white stuff - enough to make this community renowned and revered amongst sledders, skiers and boarders worldwide.

Perhaps you’ve grown tired from that epic year in 2014 when you were still dumping feet overnight at the end of March, or from way back in 2007 when we finally got Revelstoke Mountain Resort and you were forced to perform to “put us on the map” and ensure that half of Australia wintered here. Maybe you see all the local businesses shutting down for the shoulder season and decided you too needed a break (…this is awkward…but have you noticed they are all open again…?). Or just maybe you’re stunted by performance anxiety since Gnorm the Powder Gnome showed his red little head and you have 4 billion people peeking in on you every single day.

Listen, I get it. It’s a thankless job. All you do is supply, supply, supply and all we do is shred, shred, shred. You work hard to continually blanket the mountains in beauty and we shred right through — BRAAAP.

Maybe you’re holding out on us for a reason — and I am sure it’s not to be cruel. Maybe you want us to stop, take the time and appreciate. Perhaps it’s so one morning we all open our blinds only to be filled with a childlike wonder; to see soft flakes swirling down slowly to the ground to join countless other perfectly unique flakes blanketing our world. Maybe it’s so when we are on the mountain and see the dipping sun catch the hoar frost and illuminate it like diamonds we linger for a moment longer to savour the beauty around us. Or maybe climate change is real and Revelstoke is the new Mexico….kidding. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Snow Gods, let me be the first to thank you for all the work you do for this beloved town. Thank you for those incredible days you’ve given me on the mountain where I have been in the “white room” with fresh powder streaming over me as I execute pow carve, after pow carve, after pow carve until the smile on my face is both massive and filled with snow. Thank you for those incredible nights you’ve given me where I sit in front of a roaring fireplace, hearth decorated for Christmas, and see falling snow illuminated momentarily in the amber glow of the street lights.

I promise if you come back now no one will ever take you for granted again. I promise that no matter how tempting not one single person will ever complain about being “socked in” or valley cloud. I promise that when you dump so much and the snow removal crews are working their butts off and still behind that you will never hear the disgruntled mutters of the residents here complaining that their streets aren’t plowed. And I solemnly swear that when that one guy — the one with the 1994 Honda Accord — tries to plow through the 4 foot snowdrift made by those tireless snow removal crews then gets stuck and causes a melee at that intersection by Southside and blocks all traffic in both directions that the whole community will rally to free his vehicle.

Please. Snow Gods, we miss you. Please come back soon.


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