Recipe for THE BEST Sledding Roadie EVER!

Just add snow. Mix well.

1) Get a Buddy with a Truck

Yeah, you got yourself a sweet ride. That lifted half ton shortbox sure is a beauty! But let's be honest she ain't meant to haul the mail with a trailer across those prairies to the mountains. Plus, why the hell would you want to mile out your own rig when someone else is willing to do that for you? Make sure your buddy can handle his truck getting a wee bit dirty from all the chip crumbs and that he maintains his whip at least decently enough that you feel confident you're actually going to arrive at your destination sans tow truck.

2) Form a Solid Crew

This one technically should've been number one but without a vehicle there is no road trip. So, it gets bumped to number two. Exercise extreme caution when choosing your road trip companions; bearing in mind that you're both stuck with these humans for whole days in the truck and riding with them in the mountains. So, you're going to need people who serve dual purposes:

• The Snack Bringer/Ski Puller - you know Bob has enough strength to pull your skis all day because he packs the best freakin' snacks! Beef jerky, Fuzzy Peaches, Red Bull, homemade Bob's Wife's Sandwiches (if Bob doesn’t have a wife, or he does but she doesn’t make sandwiches please review list item #4). Yup, when Bob climbs into the back of the cab with that 1990 Labatt cooler bag you know you're in for good eats.

• The Joker - Adam. Oh, Adam. We love you. You don't serve two purposes at all (and sometimes can even be a little extra work) but we aren't complaining because you are hilarious! Adam shows up still a little tipsy from the night before. He has enough stories from last night alone to make you laugh your asses off from Calgary to Golden. Naked mechanical bull riding, arm wrestling the bartender for free shots and wooing all the ladies... Adam did it all and you know this weekend is going to be more of the same and that is why everyone needs an Adam. He's going to provide comic relief when you've been stuck for four hours and want to throw your helmet against a tree and he's going to be the one in the bar after a day of riding chugging a beer while the entire place chants his name. You might have to double check his bag to make sure he brought his gear but we promise he will never forget the 15 pack.

• The Dad - Never ever underestimate The Dad. The Dad has so many roles, is so diverse and is so essential that every crew needs one. Sure, everyone rolls their eyes when The Dad performs a 1,000 point safety check of truck and trailer, ensures everyone (especially Adam) brought their avalanche safety gear or asks if they have upgraded their AST1 to 1.5 with Jeremy Hanke at Soul Rides. But you aren't rolling your eyes when The Dad comes through. He is thorough. He is prepared. He is knowledgeable. The Dad always has a first aid kit, extra Clif Bars and a shocking amount of tools that he pulls out from strange places when a sled breaks down. The Dad booked the hotel room, navigates the fastest route for your trip with recommendations for road side eats and has numerous apps for forecast prediction for the best riding on any given day. Don't forget to send your The Dad a gift this Father's Day. He's earned it.

•The Small One/Girl - Forgive me ladies for lumping you all into this category. I know plenty of you are Bobs, Adams and The Dads but there is a role we all have served at least once; Mary Beth. Mary Beth is half the size of everyone else forming the crew which is why she is perfect for that middle back bench seat! She provides insight and feminine perspective but is totally at home being one of the guys and can discuss sled mods, why the Montreal Canadiens are going to win their 25th Cup and has boobs while doing it. Mary Beth will likely eat less beef jerky, so that's a plus and probably wingmans like a champ. Mary Beth also has a secret power in that you can throw her at any other crew in the parking lot at the mountain and she will come back with local knowledge, insider tips and 45 new best friends.

3) The Destination

You have a truck, you have friends. Now, where the heck are you going? If you’re unsure how to decide here are a few options that could help you decide on a destination:

  1. Head to Revelstoke - they don’t call this gem of a town Mountain Paradise for no reason. Sure, you might think we are little biased but the truth of the matter is Revelstoke never disappoints; massive terrain to explore, endless deep days and world class scenery make this community a primo destination for snowmobilers world wide.

  2. Get Adam to Throw a Dart on Map - Spontaneity, danger and recklessness are the names of the game with this selection. While grabbing some brewskis at the local pub and reviewing your options your crew can’t decide on where to head for the weekend. Have no fear — Adam’s got this one. Grab a map, a dart and cross your fingers. Yup, you may end up shredding a glacier in Pemberton or you might be sitting on your sled in the trailer in a parking lot in Tucson, Arizona crushing Adam’s now-11-pack but when snowmobiles are involved we’re betting you’ll still have a riot.

  3. Find All the Snow - Some people might believe that “I love you” is the sweetest three word combination in the English language but boy would we beg to differ. Nothing makes our heart’s skip a beat quite like hearing “Heavy Snowfall Warning”. If you know it’s going to be deep then you know it’s going to be EPIC. Be Dorothy… but instead of following the yellow brick road follow the super sketchy, unplowed and glare iced stretch of Trans Canada highway to the land of your dreams.

4) Snacks’n’Stuff Like That

  • If your rig isn’t filled with half of 7/11 — including Fuzzy Peaches, Red Bull, those-things they-call-sandwiches-that-actually-LOOK-like-sandwiches-but-have-an-expiry-date-27-years-into-the-future-and-therefore-cannot-actually-BE-sandwiches-but-when-you’re-hungry-almost-taste-like-sandwiches-that-you-then-regret-eating-40-minutes-later-when-your-gut-feels-like-you-swallowed-a-bomb — then you’re doing something wrong. On your way out of town make sure you stop by your local convenience store for all the grub you could possibly eat on your roadie. And remember if you aren’t a little nauseous from all the junk through the winding mountain passes then it couldn't possibly be the the BEST ROADIE EVER.

  • Music. We cannot stress how important tunes are to the success of a sledding roadie. The right playlist can set the whole tone (yup, that’s a pun) for the trip! It can make you feel alive, inspire anticipation and PUMP YOU UP. Tell me one person who doesn’t look forward to singing and dancing to Hanson’s MMM Bop in their lifted diesel with all their boys at the top of their lungs? Because we are so sure that happens 100% of the time. So, ask The Dad to get on Spotify and make a playlist for the adventure and when everyone is regretting their almost-kind-of-sandwiches and keeled over shaking in a cold sweat you’ll be so glad you have something to mask the sound of your gurgling stomachs.

5) Go.

It’s that easy just hit the road. Point your truck to the mountains and drive straight to your best days and the most incredible memories destined to last a lifetime.

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