The Sledding Road Trip

Getting there is half the fun...

The Sledding Road Trip

I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t you live in Revelstoke?” Hell yeah I do! Yes, I live in this glorious town nestled in a picturesque valley between endless mountains with record snowfalls. A little town where adventure awaits, endless terrain begs to be explored and powder dreams really do come true.

And now I bet I know what you’re thinking again, “So, why would you ever leave?” Good question. Why would I ever leave the one town that thousands flock to every weekend to ride? It’s simple; the sledding road trip. Surely those four little magical words bring a smile to your lips and send shivers of anticipation down your spine. They must conjure memories of sledding road trips past and fill you with excitement at the knowledge that you’ll be embarking on one shortly.

The sledding road trip is sacred. The sledding road trip means that at the end of a predefined stretch of highway your best days are ahead. That there are memories patiently waiting for you in the mountains. And while you lay your head to rest every night and dream about the days where you ride paradise, sometimes the getting there is almost as good as the being there.

You yourself have made countless sledding road trips from there to here. You know exactly what I am talking about.

It’s that morning that makes you feel like a kid at Christmas all over again — you wake up well before your alarm goes off and you stare at the red glow of your alarm clock willing every minute to go by until an acceptable hour hits to climb out of bed. You pad downstairs silently in the darkness to brew a pot of coffee and look outside your kitchen window to see your loaded pick up veiled in a blanket of fresh snow and flakes swirling in the amber glow of the street light. You send a mass message to your three buddies heading on the journey with you that you’ll be there to pick them up shortly getting enthusiastic responses from them immediately — they couldn’t sleep either.

Last night filled you with anticipation when you loaded your trailer with yours and your buddies’ snow ponies. The sound of the engines firing up was the sweetest song imaginable. Last night was preparation and today marks adventure. You head out of your house and down the driveway your boots leaving tracks in the ankle deep snow. You imagine how much fresh snow is now on the mountains if your flat land looks like a snow globe as you make your way to the truck you remote started five minutes ago. You open the truck door and a sheet of snow falls all over you. Laughing in powder delirium you reach underneath the seat to get the snow brush, your breath expelling in a plume against the freezing air as you brush off your truck. One cursory look over around truck and trailer and you hop in the cab, rub your icy hands together and put that Chevy in drive. And so, the adventure begins.

After you pick up the boys from their respective homes you head straight for the nearest Tim Hortons. It doesn’t matter if it’s two kilometres away or 200 — you’re definitely stopping for the iconic Canadian double double. The premade playlist featuring 2 Pac, Guns N’ Roses and Big Shiny Tunes from the early 2000s plays quietly in the background as you all discuss exactly what is going to happen this weekend, “Last time we were out that hit in Turtle made me it’s bitch. This time I am ready boys!” or “Think that hot chick still works at Zalas?” and “I just wanna tree bash all weekend. Larry said he’s going to Revy too now that his sled is fixed. Maybe I will give his ski a pull if he tries to follow me again. Did you guys hear about his first ride of the season?” Laughter fills the cab as kilometres go by and memories of the weekend are already being made.

As the hours go by and your destination nears you pass around stories, beef jerky and Red Bull. Adam cusses from the back seat and announces that he forgot this spare TOBE monosuit — surprise! Adam, you always forget your gear. Jeremy snores in the backseat because he works the graveyard and hasn’t slept yet but wouldn’t miss this weekend for the world. And you? You smile because the mountains are filling your windshield view now and the flat lands lay in the rearview already forgotten. And you’re on your way to making memories in the mountains. Doing what you love most, what you work hard so you can do on chances just like this. Everything about your life is miraculously reaffirmed. You love this life and you love the other people jammed into this truck full of sled gear and Jeremy’s snores.

And so as you get closer to your destination you also grow closer to your friends. Your sled hasn’t even touched the snow yet and already it’s turning out to be one of the best weekends of your life.

Yes, I do spend most of my days shredding... okay, okay... getting stuck in the mountains of Revelstoke. But, I too dream of the sledding road trip and memories not only made in the mountains but in a cab of a lifted Chevy.

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